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Entry Level Sales / Executive Headhunter - Remote

Brea, CA
Entry Level Sales / Executive Headhunter - Remote
Wimbush & Associates
Brea, CA
Are you looking for a career in the fascinating world of being an Executive Headhunter? Are you excited to learn everything there is to know about recruiting and hiring top quality candidates? You’ve come to the right place!
Read this entire posting for the answers to all your questions!
We have a unique opportunity for someone who is interested in learning the ins and outs of the Executive Headhunting world from the perspective of an external agency recruiter model, while learning how to work hand-in-hand with business owners and other HR leaders toward finding their perfect candidate.
This role is perfect for a recent graduate who is interested in making $100k + their first year out of college. What is the catch? Well like most highly paid sales careers, it takes time and hard work to achieve superior results.
Did you think Recruiters were some sort of Human Resources Admin people? Well, you’re wrong! This is a hardcore sales job. Good recruiters are hard working hungry SUPER SMART and never give up (don't bother doing this job for 12 months because it would be a waste of your time).
This role requires the person to be able to live on $15 per hour for the first 90 to 150 days on the job. Why? Because that is how long it takes a new recruiter to get their 1st commission checks. Is it worth the effort and the wait? Absolutely, because the minimum commission for a placed candidate is approximately $5,000. Make 20 placements in a year, and you are making $135,000.
We do offer a generous $0 out of pocket health insurance plan plus 3% IRA contribution match. Yup, that's right, 3% of every dollar you earn and save we give back to you in cash IRA deposits. Yours to keep, no vesting, no catches.
What's the career path?
Successful recruiters 3+ years on the job earn $250,000 +. Want to go into leadership yup got that and even better. Our top performers will earn partnership in the business after $1 million in billed revenue. We intend to give our business away to our employees!
About the Opportunity
To begin, this is a highly lucrative, high compensation, remote work-from-home position which allows both personal freedom with a highly connected workforce.
You’ll learn how to identify candidates that are potential fits for various positions across many different industries. Within the last few years we’ve worked in Legal, accounting, tax, Architecture and Engineering fields. It’s safe to say that everyday is a different challenge and you’ll be exposed to a wide array of candidates with varying levels of experience and across different industries.
This will be an opportunity to start as an entry-level recruiter and eventually develop into a full-cycle executive recruiter managing your own clients and jobs.
Responsibilities for our Entry Level Sales / Executive Headhunter
  • Becomes knowledgeable of company's services and target our key industries to facilitate recruiting efforts and minimize time-to-fill
  • Will be working with the top 10% of professionals in the Legal and accounting industries
  • Interviews both passive and active candidates to determine fit for position
  • Will spend 50% of your time actively calling passive candidates to introduce them to new potential opportunities
  • You will spend your remaining time nurturing relationships with high potential candidates helping them through the hiring process while they land their next ideal career opportunity.
  • Uses time efficiently in order to meet personal goals and work collaboratively with other members of the team
  • Adhere to company policies research/recruiting best practices
Our Entry Level Sales Executives Will Receive…
  1. A base salary plus commission for a highly lucrative overall compensation plan
  2. Minimum performance earners should be over $100k and top performance earners should be at $200k annually
  3. Commissions on your placed candidates
  4. Commissions on your acquired business (optional)
  5. Health benefits
  6. 3% IRA Match
  7. All the tools & equipment you need to be successful
  8. Casual, laid back work environment
  9. Ongoing training and education
This new role will jump in, head first, and learn all about our job requisitions and clients. You will source and interview talent, assess for job fit, then make recommendations to your clients and coordinate interviews with them and your candidates.
We have several open key positions in the lighting, electrical, construction, finance, and sales industries. Help us fill our jobs and we’ll help you with a piece of that $$$$. It’s not always easy, but it is simple and straightforward.
What is the hiring process?
Generally takes 7-14 days to complete, and we move very fast!
  • We have had over 2,500 applications for this role in less than three weeks.
  • We will ask you to complete an assessment that will take 40 minutes after submitting a Resume
  • We will also ask you to provide references from your past direct supervisors (don't worry if you are still working we can contact those people later in the process)
  • We will reach out within 24-48 business hours to schedule the next step if your resume, previous work history in high school and college, assessments and references match our sales profile.
  • We will conduct and introductory call to answer your questions and learn more about your career goals
  • If the role is still an interesting fit for both parties we will ask you to join us for a 60-90 minute Zoom call
  • If both parties are still excited about the prospect of making a lot of money together we will ask you to complete a 1 day working interview which is paid. This will allow you the candidate to learn more about exactly what the role is like and do some of the most fundamental parts of the job.
  • If all is still an exciting fit we will then make an offer and get you started down an exciting long term career path
About Us
Wimbush & Associates, Inc. is unlike other recruiting and staffing firms, We are fast-growing executive placement firm specializing in Retained Executive Recruiting, Step-by-Step and Recruitment Process Consulting.
We also operate under The Hire Talent, which is the Pre-Employment Assessment part of our business that helps companies hire better people. We have our own testing tools! I mean, how cool is that? You know those little assessment tests you have to take sometimes before applying to a job? Yea, that's what we do.
We are a small team of four and a pretty tight knit, sarcastic bunch. We’re always working on ways to improve our process, develop and refine our culture, and be better than we were yesterday.
Check us out at: www.wimbushassociates.com
Our Mission
Overall, our mission is to educate our clients and provide them with the best services to help them find, select and retain the best talent on the market. We truly partner with our clients in every way to ensure their success. This focus is unrelenting and authentic.
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