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Career Coach

Brea, CA
Career Coach / Career Counselor position
Our Mission:
Is to get America back to work by compassionately and emphatically helping companies disperse their workforces to build trust, respect and appreciation for their organizations and to relentlessly help every single outplaced employee get new jobs.
Your role as a Job Coach:
Will be to provide compassionate and expert career advice for 60 people per month. You will walk recently unemployed people through a 3 phase multi step process to secure their basic needs, prepare to get on a job search and to go get an amazing new career job.
This is a remote job / work from home position for people who live in the greater Orange County metropolitan area. Some time in the office will be required after COVID-19. Our Office is location in Brea CA.
Responsibilities our our Career Counselors:
  • Engage our clients recently laid off workers to get them enrolled into our Career Coaching program
  • Provide compassionate strategic counseling for those dealing with a recent loss of work
  • Assist job seekers on getting their basic human needs and financial strategy in order so they can prepare themselves for a job search without worrying about basic needs
  • Guide job seekers through building resumes, Linkedin profiles, cover letters, letters of reference and more to prepare them for a job search
  • Coach job seekers on the best methods for connecting with great job opportunities
  • Coach job seekers on interview skills to help them land a dream job.
$60,000 Base salary
Bonuses up to $21,600 annually
Health benefits lots of options free to low cost
3% Simple IRA Retirement company match dollar for dollar
2 week vacation to start 1 week of Sick leave
Flexible working arrangements
Previous Experience required for our Career Coach / Career Counselor position
2+ years in an HR Capacity
2+ years as a Recruiter
2+ years in a Sr. Executive Management role w/ hiring responsibilities
How to apply:
Simply respond to whatever ad you are viewing with your resume.
There will be high demand so we will ask you to complete an series of assessments and provide references from past direct supervisors (minimum 3) in order to be considered for this position.
Corporate Vision:
We will help 12,000 dispersed workers find gainful employment while compassionately helping them through the transition period making our clients company the hero
Brand Promise: Careers Saved. Better than Before.
Core Values:
Thought Leadership -  We have a thirst for knowledge and innovation to share with the world
  • We are talent acquisition thought leaders
  • We innovate, think outside of the box, and advocate the continuous quest for improvement and education for both ourselves and our clients
  • Educating ourselves and others is a top priority
Relentless Achievement - We are relentless
  • We are thorough, focused, and tenacious in our hunt for the best talent
  • We continuously strive to improve upon what we do each day, and to be the very best, period
  • We work to innovate and disrupt the standard ways of doing things, and we are relentless in this pursuit
We win authentically
  • We adhere to honesty and ethics that guide us through these processes
  • Doing the right thing for our clients, candidates, and others we interact with takes precedence over making money
  • We are genuine in our interactions with those we work with and the clients we work tirelessly for
We Manufacture Luck
  • By focusing on best practices relentlessly we create our own luck
  • Trusting that by doing the right thing the ball will bounce in our direction more often than not
  • We can only control what we do. By doing the right thing we can influence others and the seemingly uncontrollable forces to move in our favor.

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