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Solar Sales Canvasser

Benicia, CA
Solar Sales Canvasser / In Home Sales Advisor / Outside Sales Consultant
How’s that indoor job treating you lately? You know it’s time for a dynamic change, something that gives you GROWTH, CONFIDENCE, and builds your STAMINA for life.
Be a Solar Sales Canvasser and get paid to do something that actually builds character.
Earn $12 to $19/Hour
+Commission to skyrocket your income!
Bay Sun Solar is now offering the opportunity to drive you to success. You can stay at that retail job or keep serving food at a restaurant for inconsistent tips. Let’s not forget how it feels to work late-night weekend shifts when everyone else has that time to relax. Take control of the wheel, challenge yourself NOW; get trained to dominate any interaction and own your life. This is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States, get off the sidelines and make some serious money as an in-home sales advisor.
Why do you want to be a Solar Sales Canvasser / In-Home Sales Advisor / Outside Sales Consultant?
-A seasoned in-home sales closer does the heavy lifting, you collect commissions.
-$200 Commission for each closed sale.
-No limit on commission.
-Set schedule every week, never work past 2pm on Friday/Saturday.
-Continuous training for continuous career growth.
Apply by responding to this add, submit your resume.
Join Bay Sun Solar as a Solar Sales Canvasser / In-Home Sales Advisor / Outside Sales Consultant today!
Never hold back. No experience as an outside sales consultant or a solar sales canvasser? There’s nothing that can stop you. If this sounds like you:
This is the best place for you.

About Bay Sun Solar:

As a company, we are financially solvent. That means we built our excellence from the ground up. Since the beginning, “The Difference is Quality” has been the motto that established deep roots within the community. Everything is internally owned, in-house design, engineering, and installation, this means that project execution retains full integrity.
When you create a relationship with a home-owner, Bay Sun delivers. The results since 1978 speak for themselves. Zero debt, no outside investment, just a couple of sales loving people who shaped their passion into a future-forward company.

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