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Solar Sales Representative

San Jose, CA
Solar Sales Consultant / In-Home Sales Representative / Outside Sales Executive

Bring HOME $150K-250K per year.

Every 100 seconds a new solar project is installed in the U.S.
California has nearly ½ of all U.S. solar electricity generating capacity. This is no small measure. Be a part of one of the fastest growing industries in the country!
You’ve seen the ads for companies willing to pay you to the moon for this industry. Let’s be reasonable and fair. At Bay Sun Solar, we speak facts and pay industry high commissions. A seasoned in-home sales representative knows that there’s serious money to be made here.
FACTS for Solar Sales Consultant / In-Home Sales Representative / Outside Sales Executive
  • 10 pre-assessed in home qualified leads per week.
  • Standard close rate is 23%
  • 23% of 10 leads = 2.3 sales closed per week.
  • Average commision per closed sale = $2500
  • (2.3 x $2500) x 50 work weeks per year = $287,000 annually closed by YOU!
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Why join Bay Sun Solar as a Solar Sales Consultant / In-Home Sales Representative / Outside Sales Executive?

Everyone wants to bring home higher income. Bay Sun Solar has the established infrastructure to deliver the results you're looking for. All leads are canvassed and assessed for installation requirements prior to contact. As an experienced in-home sales representative, you know that the groundwork is just as important as building reputable relationships. Get the results you intend to create.
Since 1978, we have been faithfully serving the home improvement needs of our community. Our motto “The Difference is Quality” has granted us a reputation for building the most energy efficient homes on the market! As a company we are financially solvent, have zero debt, and own all parts to the business. With an elite in-house design and installation department, industry unrivaled production warranties, and premium equipment, we commit to excellent customer care.

Expectations for Solar Sales Consultant / In-Home Sales Representative / Outside Sales Executive
  • Ongoing Training
  • Be Self-motivated and Driven
  • Close contracts within 21 days, excelling by 20% within 90 days.
  • Have Passion!
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